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Living and Studying in the UK

Coming to the UK to study may prove more economical in the long run in comparison depending on the system in place in your country of origin. In general, courses and qualifications in the UK tend to be shorter in duration compared to many other countries. In the UK you can complete a degree program in just 3 years unlike the 4-5 it might take in other countries to complete. This could help by reducing the total costs of accommodation, living and tuition.

Here are the typical figures as provided by UCAS in regards to what sort of figures you are looking at in terms of tuition fees.

Whatever type of course it is, whether academic, performing arts or teaching training   these are the maximum tuition fees you have to pay each year. Some course providers charge less, but many charge the full amount. Check course provider websites. For EU applicants maximum tuition fees vary by country, some course providers charge less than the full amount. For Non EU students you will need to check the fees as these may differ between different providers.

Here is a break for the “typical” expenses a student will have to face when living and studying in the UK:

  • Tuition fee loan (up to £9,000 depending on the cost of your course for England and Wales – £8,354 for our ‘average’ student)

  • Up to £3,575 per year in Northern Ireland.

  • Maintenance grant (up to £3,250 depending on your household income – £934 for the ‘average’ student)

  • Loan for living costs away from home (depending on a number of factors, up to £7,675 for London – our ‘average’ student gets £7,208; or up to £5,500 for the rest of England – our ‘average’ student gets £4,335)

  • Loan for long courses (depending on a number of factors including the length of your course – for a 39 week course, £954 for London or £747 for the rest of England)

Financial support:

If you are an EU applicant you might be able to apply for financial help with your undergraduate tuition fees and living costs. Check the student finance website for the UK region you want to study in to see if you qualify for funding.

Additionally you may be able to work while you study, gaining experience and earning an income while working towards your qualification. However this is subject to what sort of visa you hold. To find further information on your eligibility to work in the UK while on a student visa, please refer to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

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