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Courses UK » Приобретите опыт на всю жизнь

Have the adventure of a lifetime

If you come to the UK, not only are you benefiting from a great education, but you get the chance to soak up all the countryside, culture and heritage it has to offer! The UK is truly a wonderful place to live while you study.

"What is so great about the United Kingdom?" It's a question you may have asked yourself if you are thinking about studying at a British university or college. But there is much more to the answer than simply pointing out the numerous examples of world-class education Britain has to offer.

Most students, whether young or mature, are looking for an experience of a lifetime when they decide to invest in an overseas education. They are hoping to add value to their studies by encountering a new, rich and dynamic culture, society and lifestyle. Britain has all of this in abundance!

But while the United Kingdom’s position as an island has fostered the kind of independent and creative thinking that leads to original ideas, inventions, and discoveries, it is far from isolated. The opening of the Channel Tunnel to France has made travel to Continental Europe so much easier and quicker. A trip on Eurostar from London to Paris takes just three hours. When you fly to the United Kingdom, you will probably land at the world's busiest airport, Heathrow in London. From there, you can transfer by air to Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, or Belfast. Or there are numerous rail and coach links to all the major cities, mostly within just a few hours' reach.

If you stay in London, many would say you are in the world's capital for finance, fashion, food, and fun. If it's culture you're looking for, you will be spoiled for choice. London is one of the world's greatest centres for music and theatre.

You might wonder if other towns and cities outside of London have so much to offer. The fact that so many of them, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, and York, to many to even list!

Throughout the seasons, there is beautiful scenery ranging from Rolling Meadows to snowcapped mountains. There is a hub of history too, from museums and heritage tours to castle ruins and architecture.  There is no healthier appetite for sport than in the UK; there are plenty of sports clubs, associations and societies to join. Whatever you passion, the UK has a club for it! There is also a very rich music scene; this can range from nightclubs to all out music festivals. Get to know your fellow students and between you, you will have a blast finding out where all the fun is!

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