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About the UK

Education as a whole plays a very important part in the British lifestyle. In order to gain a top paying job anywhere, you need to be backed with a quality education. The United Kingdom prizes itself for the variety and accessibility of education that it has to offer, be it schools, colleges or universities.  The good news is that such educations are available to both national and international students, there is no exclusivity.

Other than that though here is a little crash course about the United Kingdom as country.

The United Kingdom is also knows as Great Britain, it is made up of a collection of four constituencies, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with its largest city of London being named the capital. Northern Ireland is included in the constituency of the United Kingdom however it must be made clear that the Southern Republic of Ireland is not and is considered a completely independent country as of 1922. When referred to as a whole seeing as the country is just a collection of islands with no bordering countries it is dubbed as the British Isles. The nearest neighbouring countries are Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands all of which are easily accessible via the channel tunnel or frequent ferry routes from the port of Dover.

The United Kingdom is currently run under the constitutional monarch system and had been as such for the last three hundred years. As a system of government, constitutional monarchy separates the Head of State’s ceremonial and official duties from party politics meaning that the ruling royal’s power is limited under the terms of the country’s constitution is expected to be a neutral party when it comes to politics. The running of the country is left the elected prime minister and the parliament.

The United Kingdom is considered to be one of the most diverse countries in all of Europe with various migrant cultures living alongside the British.  As a result, this means that the United Kingdom has a very rich history, with many cultural influences evident around the country.

The United Kingdom has become one the most widely visited places in Europe for both touristic and immigration purposes with many people looking to settle permanently, look for work and build a life for themselves in a country that has many opportunities to offer for both families, individuals and students.

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