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UK Boarding Schools


Boarding schools are very much like regular schools; however they provide room, board and meals for students resulting in them living at the school away from their families for the majority of the academic year, returning home during holidays and the summer and possibly the weekends. Boarding schools can cover the full spectrum of compulsory education starting from nursery all the way to sixth form. It is an accepted general rule that all boarding schools are private schools that require the payment of tuition fees which can be quite extensive unlike state schools where the tuition fees are funded by taxation.

Although opting for a boarding school can turn out to be a very expensive venture, it is safe to say that you will get what you pay for. Here are a few things that a child can gain from a private education that they might not be able to get through a state funded education: 

  • A higher level and quality of education. The expectations of private school children are much higher and preparation for higher education is provided. The percentages of students who attend private schools have a much better chance of being accepted into universities than those who come from state education.

  • Based on reputation and the level of teaching, those who attended a private school may be much more desirable in terms of employability.

  • Private schools take the English language very seriously and hold proper understanding of the language in high regard. Children who enrol in private schools with limited or weak skills in the English language will be given top quality teaching. They will not be left to struggle; additional classes would be provided in order to help the child develop. Ideally the child would be taught English to a level that there will be no question as to whether their English skills are not enough for university.  If anything children would be expected to graduate from private school with a fluency of the English language.

  • Most boarding schools are situated historic locations in beautiful old buildings with a story to them. It would be an opportunity to learn about the school and some English history.

  • Private schools don’t brush over some subjects like state schools do. The same level of attention is paid to subjects like music, drama and sports. Being a boarding school, they are also responsible for the health and cultural development of a child who would have been getting this from home. Additionally, private schools also provide resources and time for extracurricular activities where the students are able to partake in hobbies outside of the classroom in a safe and structured environment.

  • Due to the nature of private schools and boarding schools, the students are not exclusively from the UK. Many families from abroad wish to give their child the best education so opt to send their children to the UK while they remain behind in their home countries. As a result, the children are exposed to an international student base and community, being exposed to different cultures and faiths. It helps them develop, learn to be understanding and lets them learn essential skills about getting along.

  • The quality of a private education is second to none. Because private schools are housing and accommodating children, they are fully vetted and accredited; which means that the school has to abide by a strict set of rules and guide lines in order to ensure the delivery of a quality education. 

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