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Courses UK » Как путешествовать по Великобритании

Travel in the UK


The UK has a very reliable public transport system with pick up and drops of points all over country you can just about get anywhere in the UK using an assortment of transport methods it is just a case of knowing what is available.

  • Trains

    • Trains are dotted rather evenly across the UK; however it is one of the more expensive travel options. If you find yourself having to use it multiple times a week, as for the weekly or season ticket rates to bring the costs down. Alternatively if your aged between 16-25 and in full time education (more than 16 hours a week) you might be entitled to a “young persons” rail card that can get you up to a third of rail fares.
  • Buses

    • The bus, depending on your journey is probably the cheapest transport option. Look up your routes online and familiarize yourself with the timetable of the buses you will need. You can buy tickets from the driver (daily and weekly tickets) when you board the bus or you can get a monthly or annual ticket from the main bus station ticket vendor.
  • Coaches

    • Coaches are more suitable if you have a one off long distance journey you need to make. The National Express has the longest and widest network of destinations throughout the UK. 
  • Domestic Flights

    • Should you find yourself in a situation where you may need to travel a significant distance across the UK, it may be cheaper to book a domestic flight. For example you may need to attend an educational expo or large company’s jobs fairs that are only held in 2-3 key cities in the UK. You will not need a passport for a domestic flight as you are not actually leaving the country.
  • Taxis

    • Taxis are rampant all over the UK much like any other country; however you cannot “flag down” a taxi in the UK. You will need to either call a taxi company to send you one or you will need to walk to the nearest taxi pick up point. Taxis are best used only when necessary as the fares are rather high.
  • Car

    • If you are already a driving license holder in your own country, the chances are that you may be able to legally drive in the UK on an international license. To find out if you are allowed to drive in the UK, proceed to this link and answer the questions as they appear on screen. You will find out at the end if you can legally drive in the UK.
  • Cycle

    • If everything you need is within a certain radius of where you live and study, it is highly recommended to use cycling as a form of transport. You can easily invest in a decent second hand bicycle that can be found through local adverts or even online. Not only is it economical, but it is a good way to stay healthy. The UK is a very cycle friendly country, however cyclists are expected to follow all road signs and traffic to the same degree that a car driver would.

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