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Further Education


Further Education, or FE for short, is the name given to the next level of study you can take after you finish your GCSEs at school. . It is defined as study that is under taken post compulsory secondary education but prior to university level education. Any qualification falling between the levels of 3-5 in the NQF framework is considered further education

Further Education study boosts career prospects and future earning potential, but also prepares for further study or Higher Education, such as university. This level of study can be quite flexible so once it’s thought about what the child wants to study; it’s also worth considering which learning environment would be best suited. There is a choice of: 

  • School sixth form,

  • Sixth form college,

  • Further education college or

  • A specialist college.

Each of these learning environments has its own structure and atmosphere, and will offer a different range of subjects and courses.

Here are a few reasons why someone may opt for a further education qualification: 

  • A UK education is very desirable. Someone who has a UK education has much higher chances of employability abroad.

  • The ability to gain a qualification that is recognised more or less all over the world.

  • Provides the stepping stone that gears you towards your profession of choice as well as potentially meeting the entry requirements for higher education.

  • If English is not your first language, undergoing a further education study that is taught in English will help improve your language skills drastically.

  • Further education offers a much wider variety of courses in many different subjects that were probably not available during a secondary education. This way you are given the opportunity to learn new things and branch out.

  • Studying in the UK affords you the opportunity to learn all about its culture, cities, countryside and lifestyle. There is a lot that the UK can offer in terms of what to do in your spare time such as history and museums, the sports scene, nightlife and social culture.

  • There is no reason to feel alone though, the UK is probably one of the most diverse countries in the world. With a little searching it is not that difficult to find a community of people that still gives you a little flavour of home.

  • The UK offers accredited top quality education, so you know that the qualification you are awarded is recognised and ensured to be taught in the highest of standards. 

There are many options and courses available when it comes to post-secondary study.  These will be the qualifications that determine the direction your working life will take. Further education for post 16’s is divided into two main categories, academic and vocational.

  • Academic:
    Academic study is geared towards students who are looking to continue their education into the higher levels. These would serve as entry qualifications for higher education and university.

  • Vocational:
    A vocational qualification is for individuals who do not wish to continue into higher education. This sort of qualification provides practical skills and certification in order to peruse a trade career or a specific job in industry.

A few further education qualifications may include: 

  • AS and A levels

  • Diplomas

  • BTEC Diplomas

  • NVQ

  • National Diplomas/Certificates

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