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Prior to arriving to the UK, you will need to organize where your will be living for the duration of your study. There are many things to consider however there are some core questions that you will need to ask yourself when deciding where to live. 

  • Is the residence close to your place of study?

  • Is the area unsafe, prone to anti-social behavior or dubious?

  • Are there public transport links to your place of study if you will need to travel?

  • In it is a shared accommodation, exactly which facilities are communal?

  • Is there enough space for a desk to study?

  • Are the sleeping arrangements adequate or will there be disruptions at night? (e.g., close to a night club or train station that will be making noise at night).

  • What exactly does the rent cover? It is core rent or are things such as utilities and internet included?

There are 4 main types of residence available to students to choose from during their study: 

  • University accommodation

    • These are rooms that are owned by the university that are typically located directly on campus. They are also known as halls or dormitories. The rent is for these rooms are bundled in with the cost of tuition.
  • Boarding Rooms

    • If you are coming to the UK to undergo an English course, many language clinics have a nearby complex where they offer rooms for you to stay in for the duration of course. These rooms are subject to additional fees.
  • Private renting

    • You can take it upon yourself to arrange for your own accommodations. You can find private lettings through online listings or the local newspaper. Depending on your monthly budget you can either rent a simple one bedroom house or flat or move in with follow students in a bigger house thereby splitting the rent.
  • Lodging

    • Alternatively you can rent a room within a family home and you will be known as a lodger. Access to certain parts of the house maybe off limits to you however you should have full access to a communal living space, the kitchen and the bathroom facilities.  Depending on the family you are renting the room from, sometimes for an additional fee, the family will also provide you with meals. If not you will be responsible for your own food.

Billing Structures In Student Accommodation

Rent is variable depending on where you are moving to, some areas are more expensive than others. Apart from rent, the largest expenditure you are taking on when moving out is the cost of living. Being at home, you might not have had to pay for utilities or food while under your parent’s roof. As a general rule, it is safe to assume that the further north of England you go, the rent will be cheaper. However, the closer to London you get the rent prices start soaring.

TV licensing

The TV licence is not included in rent nor is it the responsibility of the landlord to provide it. If you will be using electronic devices such as TV’s and laptops to watch live broadcasts, you will need to pay for a TV licence. If you do watch live broadcasts and do not have a TV licence, you will be liable to persecution. More information about this subject can be found on the TV Licencing website.

Council Tax

As a student in full time higher education, you are exempt from paying council tax. However in order to avoid complications, try to avoid living with non-students or part-time students as they are not exempt and have to pay tax. If only one person in the house is not a student and they are incurring the entire council tax bill is a little unnecessary.

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