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Courses UK » MBA Business Administration at University of Aberdeen

MBA Business Administration

Programme Structure & Content

The programme is based on core and elective modules. 


Accounting & Finance For Managers 
Provides an understanding of accounting information and financial reporting and introduces key aspects of financial analysis and enable students to undertake: interpretation of accounts; ratio analysis and user-group specific tools, e.g. Z scores and credit ratings; accounting information and the stock market; forecasting and valuation. 

Operations Management  
Introducing the core concepts in the management of operations producing products and services. These include the management of capacity and inventory, production planning and control, project management and the management and improvement of quality. 

Business Economics
This module will equip students with the basic knowledge of business economics and examine the ways in which economic theory may be applied to solve real business problems, focussing on aspects of economics vital to a student of business. This module aims for students to be comfortable with the tools of economic analysis as applied to the international, economic and business environments in which modern day businesses and policy makers have to operate. 

Business Strategy
Drawing mainly on microeconomics theories and applications in order to introduce students to theories, concepts and techniques of analysis that are close to many typical business situations. 


Strategic Marketing  
Marketing management and strategic planning. Marketing in a range of organisational settings, including consumer, industrial, service and voluntary sectors. Systems perspective on key marketing techniques. Relationship between marketing and other management functions in modern organisations. 

Managing People At Work 
Management of people as a key element for organisational success. People as the most complex of all organisational resources to manage. Theoretical and practical issues of people management in the contemporary competitive economic environment. 

Managing Change and Innovation 
This course will enable students to understand the context of innovation and change by examining a number of key topics, including the development of new products (goods and services), developing the business case for innovation and delivering change. 

The Leadership Challenge
Investigates the underlying theories which underpin the popular views about Leadership. It will examine the trait and situational theories, among others, so that students begin to recognise the basic assumptions which are used by writers in professional journals and quality broad sheets alike. 


Students are required to undertake three elective modules. There a selection of electives each year, examples of which are: Essential Human Resource Practices / Internationalisation/International Marketing /E-Commerce

These are followed by one compulsory module in New Venture Creation 

The aim is to equip students with an understanding of key aspects of new venture creation, including business planning, pitching new ideas to investors and managing growth. This is a capstone course, by bringing together a range of different concepts.

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