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Courses UK » Medicine at University of Aberdeen


Degree Structure

A degree in Medicine is taught via a selection of compulsory and optional courses to enhance your learning and prepare you for a future career or further study. In each year you will take courses adding up to 120 credits. Depending on the number of compulsory and optional courses offered by your degree, you can also choose other eligible courses which fit your timetable.

First Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Science for Medicine (ME2013)
  • Principles of Disease 1A (ME2303)
  • Principles of Disease 1B (OSPE) (ME2304)
  • Foundations of Primary Care 1 (ME2307)
  • Student Selected Component 1 (ME2507)
  • Systems 1A (ME2508)
  • Systems 1B (OSPE) (ME2509)
  • Systems 1C (OSCE) (ME2510)

Second Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Systems 2A (ME3009)
  • Student Selected Component 2 (ME3013)
  • Foundations of Primary Care 2 (ME3020)
  • Systems 2B (OSPE) (ME3023)
  • Systems 2B (OSCE) (ME3024)
  • Systems 3A (ME3902)

Third Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Systems 3B (ME3019)
  • Foundations of Primary Care 3 (ME3021)
  • Systems 3C (OSCE) (ME3025)
  • Systems 3D (OSPE) (ME3026)
  • Medical Humanities Module (ME33**)
  • Specialist Clinical Practice 1A (ME4804)
  • Student Selected Component 3 (ME4805)

Fourth Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Specialist Clinical Practice 1B (ME4019)
  • Elective Outline (ME4020)
  • Specialist Clinical Practice II (ME4403)
  • Specialist Clinical Practice II (OSCE) (ME4404)

Fifth Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Year 5 Assessment (ME5012)
  • Medicine/Paediatrics/Care of Elderly (ME5014)
  • Surgical Specialities/Obstetrics & Gynaecology/Anaesthetics/ITU (ME5015)
  • General Practice/Psychiatry (ME5016)
  • Medical Elective (ME5017)
  • Immediate Life Support (ILS) Course (ME5018)
  • Alternative Teaching Block (ME5019)
  • Professional Practise Block (ME5801)

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