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Courses UK » Mechanical Engineering at University of Aberdeen

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Structure

A degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) is taught via a selection of compulsory and optional courses to enhance your learning, preparing you for a future career or further study. In each year you will take courses adding up to 120 credits. Depending on the number of compulsory and optional courses offered by your degree, you can also choose other eligible courses which fit your timetable.

First Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Principles of Electronics (EG1008)
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Materials (EG1012)
  • CAD and Communications in Engineering Practice (EG1010)
  • Electronics Design (EG1501)
  • Fundamental Engineering Mechanics (EG1510)
  • Engineering Mathematics 1 (EG1504)

Optional Courses

  • Select a further 30 credit points from Sustained Study, Disciplinary Breadth or Sixth Century courses.

Second Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Engineering Mathematics 2 (EG2012)
  • Process Engineering (EG2011)
  • Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (EG2004)
  • Design and Computing in Engineering Practice (EG2501)
  • Solids and Structures (EG2502)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems (EG2503)

Optional Courses

  • Select a further 30 further credit points from Sustained Study, Disciplinary Breadth or Sixth Century courses.

Third Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Engineering Analysis and Methods 1 (EG3007)
  • Stress Analysis A (EG3015)
  • Fluid Mechanics (EG3018)
  • Engineering Materials (EG3028)
  • Dynamics 1 (EG3511)
  • Mechanics of Structures (EG3518)
  • Engineering Thermodynamics (EG3521)
  • Design of Mechanical Elements (EG3522)
  • Project & Safety Management (EG3599)

Fourth  Year

Compulsory Courses

  • MEng Individual Project (EG4013)
  • Dynamics 2 (EG40JM)
  • Fluid Dynamics (EG40JJ)
  • Thermodynamics 2 (EG40JK)
  • Nonlinear Mechanics (EG4529)

Optional Courses

  • Plus 30 further credit points from Disciplinary Breadth or Sixth Century courses.

Fifth Year

Compulsory Courses

  • Advanced Topics for MEng Study (EG5085)
  • Mathematical Optimisation (EG5090)
  • Solid Mechanics and Materials Modelling (EG5095)
  • Project Management Essentials (EG5572)
  • MEng Group Design (EG5565)

Optional Courses

  • Select one of the following courses: Applied Numerical Methods (EG5598) orPipelines and Soil Mechanics (EG55F2) or Risers Systems and Hydrodynamics (EG55F6)

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