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Why to Study Biology in the UK

Biology Degree Programs

Bachelors in Biology can be more profitable than you think in terms of career.  A biology degree is essentially naturally fitted with the sectors of health and science. It offers a wide range of skills inclusive of communication and other problem solving related skills.

What can I do with my bio degree?

Your biology degree opens up an array of different doors for the future including higher education such as PhD and Masters Degrees. Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology is particularly sought after in majority. Following are some of the possible job options for any one pursuing a degree in biology:

Job options

Jobs directly related to your degree include:
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Soil scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Research scientist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Research scientist (medical)
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
  • Dentist
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Science writer
  • General practice doctor
These are only some of the many 0pportunities available to graduates with a biology degree. You should not restrict yourself to these and keep your mind open to the countless options out there. This will attract employers of various kinds towards you as well. The kind of degree might have a certain kind of effect on your job as well for instance those graduating from top biology schools might be given preference in the job market. Same is the case with those earning their higher education from top biology colleges.

Work experience

Jobs related to biology generally demand reasonable field work. Work experience shows your dedication to the profession or field you have chosen and learning of what is included. Some degree courses may consolidate a year-long mechanical situation and you may be qualified to get a bursary or award to enhance your arrangement.
Amid your course, you could likewise utilize the midyear occasions or nights/weekends to get some experience through paid internships or volunteer work. Various associations offer work experience including the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Welcome Trust Sanger Institute.

You have the option to try at reaching science historical centers, research and clinical labs, protection offices or pharmaceutical organizations. Scan for situations and figure out additional information about work experience and entry level positions.

Typical employers

·         An extensive variety of employers of both individual and organizational nature hire volunteer graduates for biology-related jobs including:
·         Universities and clinical exploration associations
·         National and worldwide wellbeing and natural foundations
·         Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations
·         Private clinics and NHS trusts
·         Schools and universities
·         Outreach associations, for example, exhibition halls, science focuses and show organizations.
·         Scientific and specialized consultancies

Numerous biology graduates seek after circumstances outside the science and health segments in commercial enterprises, for example, business, account, advertising, training and deals. Find out information on employers in science and pharmaceuticals, environment and agribusiness, human services etc

Skills for your CV

Notwithstanding subject-particular information of natural frameworks and ideas, you are required to build up a scope of practical and specialized abilities and figure out how to utilize expert methods and specialized gear. A biology degree likewise fosters more broad abilities, which are alluring to employers in all divisions, including:

·         Communication abilities - through report composing and presentations
·         Problem-settling, venture and time administration abilities
·         Self-dependence, activity and business
·         Team working aptitudes - through gathering undertakings and courses
·         Organizational aptitudes;
·         Ability to unquestionably handle variety information and to reach inferences

Similar to any other degree; you should decorate your CV with a diverse set of skills both directly and indirectly associated with the future jobs you wish to apply for. Not only will this broaden your opportunities but an employer will be able to see you as an asset for their organization or company.            

Further study

Numerous biology graduates decide to think about postgraduate capabilities in a more specific field in order to build their ability in a specific range. Others seek after postgraduate chances to lead them into distinctive professions, for example, instructing, scene structural engineering or law. A higher capability may be leverage in a focused job market as it will upgrade your examination abilities, authority learning and relational abilities. It can likewise help with vocation movement. Whether or not you should pursue a postgraduate degree is entirely dependent upon your future goals and job requirements. Generally most professions offer higher posts to those with Masters and PhD in the required field.

On the off chance that you need a profession as an exploration researcher or a college instructor, you must do a PhD taking after your degree. For more data on further study and to discover a course that intrigues you, look out for different Masters Degrees being offered in your particular field and search postgraduate courses online.

What do biology graduates do?

Around 1 in 10 graduates are filling in as lab professionals, natural chemists and medicinal researchers. A further 30% are in further study, either full time or low maintenance while working.

Biological Sciences B.A. and B.S.

The majors prompting a B.A. and B.S. in Biological Sciences are the broadest of those offered by EEMB and MCDB. Generally students in either major take courses satisfying necessities in a few expansive territories ranging from environment to atomic biology or can look over a mixture of courses in every region. What's more, the Biological Sciences majors permit a more noteworthy number of electives than the more specific majors offered by the two divisions. Understudies who wish to have the most adaptability in their decision of biology courses regularly pick a Biological Sciences B.A. alternately B.S. major.

The Biological Sciences B.S. degree is more situated toward science and math courses, with less General Education necessities. The Biological Sciences B.A. degree permits understudies to seek after an average aesthetic sciences instruction while as yet getting amazing preparing in biology.

The Majors

All students intrigued by any range of the natural sciences enter universities as pre-organic sciences majors. Pre-biology majors share a typical central subject, ordinarily finished amid the green bean and sophomore years, comprising of early on biology with research facility, general science with lab, arithmetic, material science with lab, and for a large portion of the majors, natural science with lab. After consummation of a subset of this key preliminary coursework, students may request of to announce the full major. The Biological Sciences B. S. degree obliges culmination of 48 upper-division quarter units in biology and offers an in number, balanced foundation in the field. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences requires 36 upper division units in biology and permits students more noteworthy adaptability in taking courses both inside and outside their major. Students are urged to work nearly with employees who share their intrigues, and to look for help with system arranging from the all around educated and supportive undergrad counselors.

Careers in Biological Sciences

Modern biology is excessively thorough and complex of a field and for one individual to ace all sub-disciplines in this particular field can be rather difficult. Along these lines, most expert scholars have some expertise in a specific range. A significant number of biology students seek after graduate study in a zone of enthusiasm, finding that they can pick up admission to any real college on the premise of their Biological Sciences major from a renowned college.

A few students choose career instantly upon graduation. These students secure positions with state or government organizations, or start professions in exploration or supervision inside of private commercial enterprises, for example, pharmaceutical organizations and ecological counseling firms.

The Biological Sciences majors and a large number of the specific majors are amazing arrangement for vocations in the wellbeing sciences (dentistry, prescription, veterinary medication, drug store, and therapeutic innovation). The Health Professions Office in the College of Letters & Sciences prompts and backings students from the earliest starting point of their studies in biology to their passageway into wellbeing science graduate projects and expert schools.

Students inspired by showing natural sciences or leading examination at a school or college ought to want to finish the PhD degree. Educating at the middle school or secondary school (optional) level requires the single subject instructing accreditation. Students considering this last alternative ought to examine their arrangements with the qualification counselor in their respective Graduate School of Education.

High School Preparation
Recommended as part of or in addition to the UC admission requirements:
  • One year of biology
  • Mathematics through trigonometry
  • One year of physics
  • One year of chemistry
Transfer Preparation
To gain ordinary ground in the major, finish the accompanying courses in your initial two years.
·         One year arrangement of general science with research centre
·         Two terms of natural science with research centre
·         Two terms of analytics and either a third term of math or one term of insights
·         One year arrangement of material science with research
·         One year arrangement of general biology with research centre.         

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