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Why Should You Study Business and Management in the UK

Business management is a concept that is necessary for the smooth running and operation of an organization. Without a business management structure in place, any business would be operating in a haphazard manner, without any focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees that work within. In formal terms, management is the act of assigning resources in order to accomplish certain anticipated goals, aims and objectives of an organization in an effective and efficient manner. Management includes a multitude of areas, some of which include:

a)      Planning  
b)      Organizing
c)      Staffing
d)     Leading
e)      Directing a
f)       Spearheading an organization according to a common goal.

In today’s world this is an invaluable asset in an individual. Keeping this in mind, pursuing a career in business and management is a popular choice for students looking to enter the corporate world. It’s a vast field of study that can be very lucrative, the right school and the right career decisions can set you up for the right path to success.

1.      Business management graduates have an array of career choices
Upon graduation, individuals who major in business management majors are trained and primed for a successful career, not just a steady job. It is a lifestyle and not just a desk job with limited timings, as is the popular belief. Graduates are equipped with knowledge from various branches of management including:
a)      Management
b)      Marketing  
c)      Accounting
d)      Basics of Business law
e)       Supply/demand chains
f)        Market research
g)      Human resource management

A business management degree is the right combination of all of the aforementioned knowledge packets. These set a working base that aid many fresh graduates land jobs in the fortune 500 companies, agencies, government agencies, financial institutions etc. Graduates who have acquired business management degrees can also become successful entrepreneurs.

2.      Business management graduates can make a positive impact in the organization they are working in and the world

The main purpose of business management and business studies is to create economic reliability, stability, growth, employment and products and services which benefit the consumers. Job seekers who major in business management are equipped to interpret and understand big businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurship. Moreover, they also understand the relationship between these businesses and the communities that that they live in. business management majors are not only exposed to the traditional business skills that help them survive in the cut throat world of business, but also give real-life world experiences that provide the quintessential training to become effective leaders and decision makers.

3.      Business management majors are revered by employers, employees, graduate schools and law schools as well.

One of the main advantages of studying and becoming a professional in business management is that job seekers are trained to acquire critical thinking skills, reasoning skills and research skills. An added bonus is the ability to make a strong case which takes into account the holistic picture of a business problem. Business management majors have an advantage in and out of the class room as they have a solid foundation of the main principals of running a business. This is especially beneficial if they have exposure to law, public policy, social science and educational studies as well. Paired with any other discipline, business management can enhance a professional’s profile significantly.

4.      Business management majors have what it takes to achieve greatness and steer any business in the right direction

Success in today’s economic conditions requires professionals to constantly maintain the flow of healthy communication and also collaborate with other professionals around the world. The world of business is ever evolving; sometimes reaching its peak, while sometimes depressing itself and those who are exposed to it. Successful business personnel must always be receptive to these changes and be capable of working in difficult situations and diverse populations. Business graduates are critical thinkers who acquire well-rounded education, technological abilities and a real world experience which makes them effective collaborators. With diversified learning experiences at college and universities, internships, community service and exchange programs, management and business degree graduates are able to acquire the most comprehensive study experiences.

5.      Business management graduates are innovators and entrepreneurs

Business management majors have the ability to start up new businesses, whether it means growing into a fortune 500 company or finding new ways to manage people and tacking problems. These professionals are taught how to think outside the box and are always ready to take on new and innovative business ideas.


College and university courses that pertain to business and management are among the most sought after and popular on a global level, that too at graduate and undergraduate levels. Management and business degrees range from general and all-inclusive to acutely specialized programs that include subjects such as accounting, finance, business administration, economics, marketing and management. All these fields provide opportunities for further specialization. At the graduate level, the master’s in business administration is aimed at individuals who have gained professional experience in a management and business role. The MBA program, to this day, remains a very popular option for professionals as it brings significant returns in terms of the career progression. However, other business and management subjects are also increasing in popularity.

There are many colleges and universities in the UK that offer business management courses and specializations in the related field. Some of the best business colleges in London have produced graduates that have gone to become entrepreneurs, corporate tycoons and influential individuals who have left an impact on the world.

What can you do with your business and management degree?

There are several types of specializations that an individual can opt for within the realm of business and management studies. If one considers the degree type, the most common and essential degree is that of an undergraduate level. Business studies degrees usually cover disciplines such as accounting, finance, management and entrepreneurship.

If professionals look for a degree which specializes in a certain field of business and management, they must take into consideration a particular field of study or a joint honors degree. The advantage of such a degree is that the candidates acquire business skills which help in applying for graduate jobs and career options. Some of these options are as follows:

a.       business careers in accounting and finance
b.      business careers in management
c.       business careers in retail and sales
d.      business career in media
e.       business careers in marketing and advertising
f.       business careers in human resources

The following are some of the most popular business universities in UK:

1.      university of Bath
Although the University of Bath is relatively new according the UK standards, it has gained strength since it received its charter in 1966. It is now considered the best business university in the UK. The school of management at Bath University offers undergraduate degrees, which focus on the provision the provision of major business disciplines. 

2.      St. Andrews University
St. Andrews is ranked as one of the best universities in the UK in terms of its teaching quality and academics. One of the unique strength of the university is that it provides teaching which is led by research. That is to say those students are taught by the individuals who write their textbooks and have the most extensive experience in the business and management industry.

3.      London School of Economics and Political Science
The London School of Economics and Political Science has reached reasonable placement standards by the Quality Assurance Agencies. It has known to provide its students with sound management and a high quality of learning opportunities. 

4.      University of Warwick
The University of Warwick is known for its excellent teaching standards. The university recently established its institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning program to promote innovation in management sciences and other disciplines.

5.      Loughborough University
According to the critics of the program, it comes as no surprise that the university ranks in the top five universities for business and management in the UK. 90% of the graduates of the 2015 class are employed. The teaching methods at the university are heavily dependent upon world class research and case study analysis.

6.      Durham University
The students at Durham University take advantage of research led education, where they work with world leading faculty. Durham is the only university in the UK to have all its offered subjects, including business and management, fall into the top 10 category.

7.      University College London
Although it has been the first time, 2016 is going to be University College London’s first time into the list of top business and management schools. Some of the most up to date and technically sound programs are offered by the management department, wherein, new activities and experiences are incorporated into the study program.

8.      London Business School 
The London Business School MBA program is considered one of the most flexible programs of the world as it offers students an exceptional structure for learning and growth. The students are taught by world leading faculty members, with a program which will provide a diverse combination of benefits that are designed to help students develop the skills and capabilities that are needed to succeed.

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