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Why To Study MBA?

Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees throughout the world. An individual who has a Business Administration degree is not limited to business related occupations. Individuals who are business administration professionals can work into various different fields. Some of these include:
·       Sales
·       Human Resources
·       Entrepreneurship
·       Retail
·       General Management
·       Finance and Accounting

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor’s degree which revolves around the two core subjects of commerce and business administration. In most of the universities throughout the world, business administration degrees stretch for three to four years. This is considered a full time study program with concentration on business administration and the study areas related to it. A bachelor’s degree in business administration includes several business degree courses as well as some advanced courses for particular concentrations.
A degree in business administration is intended to give general knowledge of the different functional aspects of an organization and how these aspects connect with each other. Moreover, this degree also allows pupils to choose their desired specialization in a particular area of the discipline. With a BBA program, the students are exposed to a number of core or compulsory subjects that they are supposed to study during the course study schedule. By studying these core subjects, students are able to specialize in particular academic areas. Moreover, the degree also helps students with managerial skills, communication skills and business decision making abilities, which they are able to execute and practice in their occupational roles. There are many business courses which also make use of practical training and experience, which is gained in the form of class projects, real time case studies, presentations, internships, industrial and commercial visits and interaction with several experts of the industry.

Core subjects that are taught in business administration usually include the following:

·       Finance and accounting
·       Business law and ethics
·       Economics
·       Financial management
·       Human resource management
·       Management information systems
·       Marketing and sales
·       Operations management
·       Organizational behaviour
·       Business statistics, financial mathematics and  operations research
·       Strategic management

These courses are then designed to lead to specialization courses if the student desires.

Advantages of Business Administration

Business bachelor’s degrees can benefit anyone in any given industry.  The corporate world always needs someone to manage their business and guide them of the best practices. This will not only encourage their growth but also help them with the best possible options when the business is looking for stability and sustainability. Moreover, growth prospects, when it comes to personal career options, become even better after acquiring degree in business. For instance, a computer technician can eventually become a systems manager, a mechanic can become a workshop supervisor and a teacher can become a school administrator as well. It is a general known fact that if an individual attains a business degree, he or she has tapped one of the smartest ways to climb up the career ladder by opening the prospects for a promotion or expansion of other career options.
There are other benefits of attaining business degrees. These include the following:

1.     Additional business degree options
By opting for a business degree, there are many options that open up for specialization. Acquiring a business degree is one of the most popular options for students of post graduate degrees. There are three main business degree options:
a.     Associate’s degree in business
b.     Bachelor’s degree in business or economics
c.     Master’s degree in business administration
With an associate’s degree, the course work stretches to a complete two years of study time. However, for a bachelor’s degree, the course work stretches till the end of four years. Many individuals are sceptical about going back to university or college studies. This is so because they have already entered their professional careers and with the ailing economy, it may not seem like the smartest idea to go back to full time college or university. Luckily, there are many options available in terms of the coursework and schedules that are offered to students. Many schools of business offer part time, distance education, and online business degrees to its students, making it possible for everyone and anyone to acquire a decent education and perhaps work at the same time.
2.     Skills acquired through a business degree
Most of the business degrees consist of different courses such as commerce, business strategy, operations, finance, manufacturing, information technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and accounting. Once a student is exposed to all these study materials and courses, he or she acquires a certain skills set that is usually necessary in vocations where management is required. Moreover, through this coursework, pupils will be able to learn leadership, effective communication, report writing, teamwork and team building, problem solving, analysis of data and time management.
3.     Advancement possibilities
Since there are many course options in business degree courses, students have a range of professional skills to choose from. This is also one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people choose to pursue business degrees as they help them advance in their careers.
Other than this, there are other benefits of acquiring a degree in business administration. Some of these are listed below:
4.     High earning potential
5.     Better job security
6.     Respect in the professional world
7.     Potential for entrepreneurial activity.

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