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Study Law in the UK

A degree in law is an educational and academic degree which is pursued for the purpose of practicing law as a profession. Although the curriculum for law degrees are approved and reviewed by practicing lawyers themselves, yet, individuals who opt for studying law need to retrieve a license in order to practice officially. A legal license is acquired most commonly after taking a series of examinations and is used according to the rules and regulations of the state or government. Although a license is needed to practice law, the course work and degree is relevant to both the national as well as international arena.

There are many types of degrees in law. Some of these are as follows:

·      Juris Doctor
The Juris Doctor Law degree is the most common type of legal degree. This degree is the one that a pupil acquires after the completion of law school. In the United States of America, the Juris Doctor Degree is necessary in order to practice law professionally. However, as far as academics and studying law at university are concerned, a Juris Doctor degree stretches till the end of three years of course work and study. For an individual to enrol into law school for a Juris Doctor program, a valid and accredited bachelor’s degree along with adequate LSAT scores are a necessary prerequisite. The J.D program also enables students to choose from a range of elective courses which can further be focused upon in the concentration degrees.

·      Master of Laws (L.L.M Degree)
After the Juris Doctor Lawyer degree, the second highest degree is the L.L.M. This legal course involves an extra year of study and academics at law school. The Master of Laws is considered to be a post – graduate degree, and it is recognized nationally as well as internationally. The purpose of this degree is to acquire information and knowledge in a specific field of law. Moreover, along with a defined curriculum and course outline that revolves around the pupil’s area of specialization, the L.L.M program offers elective courses which involve law related disciplines that complement the specialty selected. At the end of the course of study, a thesis and its presentation are also required.

·      Doctor of Juridical Science
The Doctor of Juridical Science is a doctorate level law degree and it is the highest law degree that is offered by universities in the USA. The degree consists of a rigorous program where the candidates have to undergo three years of research intensive study. Majority of the course work is focused towards the thesis and how to present the most well researched study. The thesis consumes the academic aspects of the theory formulation and defence that the pupil will have worked throughout the course of the degree. Most of the time, a further advanced degree is pursued by individuals who want to become professors of law in the future.

Concentrations of Law

Specialization and concentration assure an advancement in an individual’s career when it comes to law. The following is a list of the most common types of law concentrations that can be chosen by law students:
1.     Criminal Law
2.     Business Law
3.     Constitutional Law
4.     Family Law
5.     Immigration Law
6.     Intellectual Property Law
7.     Environmental Law
8.     Maritime Law
9.     Tax Law
10.  Gaming Law
11.  Administrative Law
12.  Human Rights Law
Why study law?

It is a rather tedious task to decide which courses to take at university. Before choosing to study law in UK, an individual must consider the following pointers:
1.     Is the degree going to motivate you to carry on for three to four years with ultimate dedication to the chosen course? Do you think you will enjoy studying this course? If the answer is affirmative, then the pupil will usually pull through the noise
2.     What will be the area of study where you can capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses? Will you be able to handle the intellectual demands of this course?
3.     Does the chosen degree suit with your career aspirations?

Skills developed by studying law in the UK

A degree in law will enable the individual to become an expert in interrogation, in depth research and critical analysis. Through the analysis of practical case studies and course related material, a law school candidate will be able to assimilate large and complex amounts of information and data. Moreover, law courses help individuals polish their communication skills and approach complex tasks and problems in a logical and focused way. Other than that, lawyers usually become the experts at problem solving and understanding human psyche. This way, they are able to show more understanding towards their clients.

Entry requirements for law schools in UK

Entry prerequisites of law schools are usually stringent in terms of entry requirements, even in their online law schools. A student most likely needs to acquire good results in A - levels in order to stand a good chance of getting into a good law school. However, in several universities, Law can be studied with a combination of other subjects as well. This degree is highly valuable, respected and regarded, even in its under graduation stage.

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