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Staying in touch


When you come to the end of your study, have finally graduated and gained your qualifications, you will probably start getting ready to leave the UK and return to your home country. After being in the UK for the duration of your study, you may have started to feel at home in the UK and the prospect of leaving can be an emotional and upsetting experience. Just because you have graduated and are returning to your home country does not mean you should cut off all ties with the people that you have gotten to know during your stay. Stay in touch with your university friends and lecturers. Many universities have an alumni association or online forum where graduates can sign up and get updates about reunions for your class year.

If there are not any online mediums such as an alumni association for your class you, you can take it upon yourself to keep in touch with your classmates such as creating a closed group Facebook page. Alternatively you could start your own forum using prebuilt forum services that require little maintenance from you in the long term and inviting your friends to sign up. Websites such as InvisionFree and ZetaBoards offer prebuilt forums and hosting for free.

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