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Entering a career


Once you finish your education, the natural thing to do is to look for work. However to ensure the best chances of landing your dream job, some preparation is in order. Here are a few tips to help you in the right direction:

  • Write a short covering letter about yourself that can be easily amended depending on what job you are applying for and get your CV in order.

  • Every university will have a careers office with advisers that can help you. They can assist you in building your CV and also help you practice for job interviews.

  • Look for people you meet during job fairs or talks that are in a similar role to the job you want and ask them how they succeeded in getting to where they are now.

Before you start looking for work, make sure that you are actually entitled to work in the UK. Many who are in the UK on a student visa are not allowed to work. If this is the case, approach the UK Border Agency website regarding the criteria you have to meet in order to qualify for a UK work permit.

A few things that fall into consideration when the UK border Agency is assessing your application for a work visa may include: 

  • Your Nationality.

  • If you are a dual national or hold more than one nationality.

  • Your immigration status.

  • Your ability to support yourself while you search for work.

  • Do you have immediate family in the UK that holds a British passport?

  • What is it that you have to offer that a UK citizen cannot? Such as experience or a high level of specialized study.

Here are a few tips that can help you in your job search: 

  • Attend job fairs near you and look out for any recruitment events that your university may be hosting.

  • Make yourself a profile on LinkedIn and try to fill out all the sections as best you can. There is a percentage meter that also shows you how “complete” your profile is. The fuller it is, the higher up the search listings you will appear. It is also a good website as you can join groups, watch company pages and be in the know when a job vacancy you might be interested in appears.

  • Join job sites that are specifically geared towards fresh graduates. These are websites where employers go to post job vacancies that they are hoping to fill with newly graduated applicants. Here are a few popular sites with employers:
    • http://www.prospects.ac.uk/ 
    • http://www.milkround.com/ 
    • http://www.graduate-jobs.com/ 
    • http://targetjobs.co.uk/ 
    • https://www.gradjobs.co.uk/ 
    • http://jobs.theguardian.com/jobs/graduate

  • If there is a particular company that you have set your sights on but have no vacancies or not currently advertising, do not let this discourage you. Approach them regardless with a covering letter and your CV and express you desire to work for them should the opportunity arise. Give them your letter and CV; kindly asking them to keep it on file should a vacancy become available. Some employers like to see initiative!

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