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About Us

We are here to help you

We don’t just provide you with the information about UK Education, we help you enroll to any UK courses. We use extensive expertise of our team and make the information work for us; we filter it to help our students get enrolled for the most suitable courses.
Whether that’s giving you a head start with a standard enrolment process, providing you with how-to guidance during the application process, or helping you keep up with the latest updates on your enrolment, our Ask Us service was designed to give you a solution to any education related dilemma.
We take care of the whole enrolment process, starting with finding the most suitable UK institution and course, all the way to assisting in getting a UK student visa stamp in your passport.

Our Team

Our expert team has significant practical experience gained in various educational agencies, firms, companies and organisations around the world. Because we have built our UK Educational resources database from scratch and continuously update it, we constantly stay ahead of the game and know exactly what is happening in the world of UK Education. If you have any queries before you decide to apply or during your application process you can always stay connected by using our Ask Us service.
To ensure that our course resources always reflect current educational and market requirements we only work with top reputable UK Universities and colleges.
Our team continuously stays in touch with hundreds of educational institutions and participate in the latest educational fairs to stay informed.
We are also closely involved with a number of professional UK education networks, including the British Council.
Our Unique Resources

Using our course search engine you can find details of the recent courses in the UK, compare them with other courses and access detailed course information, including information about fees and enrolment requirements. We are planning to introduce our own UK education podcasts, webinars, events, training sessions and e-learning in the future.
We can provide you with regular checklists, updates and enrolment progress, written for non-English speaking international students.

Our Students

We cater for students from all over the world. Amongst other places we have offices and agency relationships in London, Dubai, Cairo, Kiev, Moscow, Tashkent, where students can come to our office and discuss their interests and needs face to face. 

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